Why Volunteer

At the Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown, we have a great opportunity to “Empower Youth, and Strengthen Futures.” We currently serve 90 families and 135 students. Our dedicated staff cannot do this without you and your help. The needs that each of these students represent is gigantic. Research says that, “every child who winds up doing well has at least one stable and committed relationship with a caring adult.” – Josh Shipp

The Goal​

It is our goal with our volunteer program to provide a safe environment to provide opportunities for caring adults to be:

1. Trained to serve in the Club- All volunteers once approved by the Volunteer coordinator and a background check has been completed, will go through training with the Volunteer Coordinator before working with the students.
2. Serve in the capacity that best fits the volunteer and the needs of the Club- After the volunteer has been trained, they will be placed in a volunteer role that best suits, their giftedness, and/or desire.


Direct work with Kids:

Homework tutor/ reading
Arts and Crafts
Prevention Classes
Sports and Fitness
Technology/ Computer Lab
Recreation (Pool, Games, ETC.)
Special Classes

Administrative Opportunities:

Office Help
Planning and Administration
Board of Directors
Kitchen Aide
Front Desk Help
Construction/ Maintenance

Apply to be a Volunteer:

The process to be a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown, is easy. First and foremost we want to provide a safe environment for all of our students and families, and in order to that the following steps must be completed.

1. Download, fill out, and email the Volunteer Application below to Abby Franks at director@bgclublewistown.com.

2. Once the Volunteer Coordinator receives an application, they will contact the volunteer in order to set up an in person interview to discuss with the volunteer how they would like to serve the students of the club.

3. A Background check will be performed.

4. Upon Approval of Background check the volunteer will then be trained in the area they will be volunteering in.


At the Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown, we believe it is important to recognize the many different ways people have volunteered at the club. We have an incentive program for our parents who volunteer at the Club. As a staff we also nominate monthly volunteers to be recipients of the Title “Volunteer of the Month.”

Abby Franks

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