Farm to Table Program

Farm to Table

Agriculture is the core of the Central MT community and with serving many youth who are 'town' kids it is super fun to share and expose these young people to this culture!  

The Goal:  To expose youth to the economic and cultural hub of our community - Agriculture. 

This will be accomplished through these outcomes:  

  • Collaborate with four community entities (MSU Extension, 4H, Cattlewomen Association, Private Ranchers) who can best teach agriculture to our young people.
  • Implement 8 different activities over the 10 week summer program of the Boys and Girls Club that very specifically teach youth elements associated with Agriculture - making sure to highlight on various topics to include but not be limited to: beef production, rangeland education, grains and gardening.
  • To have youth better understand the Agriculture Industry.

Program Summary - 2020

During this unpredictable season of COVID, the privilege of adding Farm to Table lessons to our program was a fantastic way to add fun to an abnormally restrictive summer. The program was able to include multiple open-air field trips with such destinations as the Fish Hatchery, Horizon Veterinary Clinic, and Basin Grain in Stanford as well as some virtual field trips with the help of the Montana Farm Bureau website. This was the first year we were able to take the children to Horizon Veterinary Clinic and the staff there did an excellent job describing the link between Veterinarians and farmers and the need to keep livestock healthy and thriving.

Along with local field trips the Club hosted some extremely special guests. Ty Thomas with the State of Montana explained the purpose and uniqueness of cattle brands in our state, then helped the kids create their own brands based on the knowledge acquired during the presentation! We were also fortunate to have some passionate volunteers at the Club who helped us use the grains we learned about to bake both lasagna and apple pies from scratch!

With each activity up to 75 children got to experience the wonderment of the circle of life in Montana. From growing grain, to caring for cattle, to the life cycle of fish, and using the fruits of the land to make pies. It was truly a pleasure to watch the children begin to understand the interconnectedness between the land we live on and the food that sustains our families.

The funds from the “Agricultural State of Mind” project helped the Boys & Girls Club ensure the unprecedented conditions of this summer did not stifle our childrens’ abilities to understand and appreciate the rural area in which we live.

Although this year may have had fewer in-person guided tours, the program did not lack in activity nor opportunity, and for that we are truly grateful.

Thank you again for the ability to provide these additional educational opportunities to the kids of our community!

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