Lights on After School 2014

Launched in October 2000, Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities. The effort has become a hallmark of the afterschool movement and generates media coverage across the country each year.

The Afterschool Alliance organizes Lights On Afterschool to draw attention to the many ways afterschool programs support students by offering them opportunities to learn new things—such as science, community service, robotics, Tae Kwon Do and poetry—and discover new skills. The events send a powerful message that millions more kids need quality afterschool programs.LOAS flyer.2014


Happenings 5/1/14

Eadie and Carol ten year party

Congratulations to Eadie Schultz, Social Recreation Director and Carol Holt, past employee and volunteer extraordinaire, in the celebration of ten years of service to the Boys and Girls Club. We had an Italian style potluck and gave them gifts. We can never repay them for the impact they both have made on the Club and our community. We LOVE YOU EADIE AND CAROL! Thanks for taking such good care of all of us.

From the Classroom of Laurie Fowler, Sports and Fitness Director:

For Arbor Day the first graders wrote poems about trees Dashel Ruff wrote:
Carits have levs so do trees
trees are the home of the
honey bees.

I just love how kids write. Barbara and I attended the Health Fair and had a great time talking to people about the club.  We have a full week of outside play and enjoying the outdoors this coming up week and we hope that the sun can shine and dry up so we can be outside.

From Kelly Henderson, Teen Coordinator:

Teen night Saturday was a great success–we had 23 youth attend! I didn’t know several of them, but they all seemed to have a blast. We played a wicked and exciting game of capture the flag with Nerf guns in the dark. They had flashlights, glow masks and glow sticks. They played Nerf wars for the entire 3 hours, so we actually never had a chance to do any other activities, but they got a lot of exercise.

FAQ of the Executive Director, Abby Franks:

Why does the BG Club fund raise so much?

In the past 6 years, the Club has lost approximately $119,000 from two grants and without doing the work we do in raising funds, it would result in cutting programs and thus cutting kids from attending the Boys and Girls Club program. The Club is working to build sustainable dollars through its permanent endowment and to streamline community fundraising events, though until a proper endowment can be built, we are faced with the big job of working hard to fund raise money from the community.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the Club’s annual budget, estate giving or taking a tour of the building; feel free to call the Club at 535-2257.

From the Art Room with Jacqueline Mercenier:

Following up Earth Day week, we are exploring the art and message of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter (1928 – 2000). Thus “nature” and “organic” play an important role in his art and in what we are trying to accomplish. Through a lot of curved lines (not many straight lines in Nature!) and vivid colors, the idea is to create a relatively abstract landscape. Meaning, we are thinking about a make-believe place we might want to live in, which is also a fantasy. What colors, lines, shapes would be in this place? Using dark water-repellent crayons for the lines and watercolor for the bright colored shapes, we are responding to Hundertwasser landscapes by finding meaning and inspiration, rather than creating in-the-style- paintings.

The cereal cardboard “houses” are coming to an end, with kids one by one taking them home. Sometimes the “houses” will be finished at home with extra care and details and maybe the help of a grandparent, (I hear); other times it’s hard to decide what child gets to carry the “house” home, if it was a 2-4 children’s project…(We have had to draw “straws”…followed by an immediate desire to create another “house”, “together, so the other child can take this one home”…


Happenings 4/24/14

From Laurie Fowler – Sports and Rec Director

Wednesday April, 23rd, the 3rd grade nutrition class will venture out to the Lincoln Building kitchen to see how our school lunches are prepared and where Laurie works.  On Thursday April 24th the 1st graders will write a poem about our earth and trees.  On April 26th Miss Barbara and I will be at the Health Fair so come and say hi!

Teen Coordinator- Kelly Henderson

Teen Night at the Boys and Girls Club is this Saturday, April 26th from 7-10 pm. We are having GLOW-N-THE-DARK Nerf gun fights on the lawn, food, games, pool, Wii dance competitions and more. All teens ages 7th-12th grade are invited to attend. Please bring anything you have that glows-n-the-dark and nerf guns, if you have them.

Mandi McGuire in High Yield Learning Activities

For 4-6th grade project learn, the week before last we went out and cleaned up the garbage in the neighborhood around the Club. Last week we wrote letters to soldiers who are currently deployed. The kids really enjoy knowing they are making a difference in their community.


Happenings 3/20/14

From the Art Room with Jacqueline Mercenier
This past week we traced the children’s bodies, and they then colored them with markers, for the most part, (their choice), but paint was also a possibility. We focused on having those ready to hang in Reid’s window for “Back-a-Kid” campaign. Nothing helps a child paint and color more expressively than a bit of traditional Irish music!

From the Desk of Crystal Tyler, Executive Assistant
The Boys & Girls Club had a great day at Spring Fling on Sunday March 16th and got to see a lot of friends and supporters there.

The kids pitched in and made banners and life sized drawings of themselves for the window display at the Reids Building on Main street for the Back A Kid Campaign Pledge Drive.

30 Days of Beef Raffle Tickets are on sale now. We will draw a winner each day of April!

Hoopfest is almost upon us. It will be held on April 12th at the High School and Civic Center gym. If you have a three on three team of 3rd and 4th or 5th and 6th graders get them entered soon! Applications at the Club.

From Education Director, Nicole Winkler
Come Celebrate With Us! National Boys and Girls Week, March 24th through the 28th.

Come take a tour a tour with us! We are rolling out the blue carpet and inviting you to participate. Join us and learn how Boys & Girls Clubs provide caring guidance that helps kids do well in school, choose healthy lifestyles and become great citizens. Schedule your tour today at 535-2257.

As part of our Culture studies at the Club, our very own Art Director, Jacqueline Mercenier gave a presentation on her life in Belgium. The kids heard her speak in French and learned about French culture.

From Teen Director, Kelly Henderson
Saturday, March 22nd from 7-10 pm is TEENS ONLY NIGHT at the Boys and Girls Club. This is a fun filled night of board/card games, ping pong, pool, computers, Wii, X Box and more. We will be serving a taco bar and snacks. Also, if you are a teen in need of something to do after school, you should consider checking out the Keystone and Torch Clubs. Tuesday after school is a program for 7-8th graders and on Thursday there is a 9-12th program. We do a lot of fun activities, have a great social recreation room, offer homework help, volunteer opportunities and after school snacks and dinner. Come check it out!! We are on Facebook: look for Lewistown Montana Keystone and Torch Clubs.


Back A Kid Donation Provides Crucial Support

Each year, the Club reaches relies on the continued support of individuals who generously give toward the Back A Kid Campaign.

Back A Kid has two components – one is to support the general operating costs of the Club but the other is very specific in that it supports scholarships for those students who would otherwise not be able to attend because of their family’s inability to pay.

Abby Franks, Director at the Boys and Girls Club, holds true to the mission of the Club. “We do not make it our business to turn any child away because their family can’t pay. That is not the mission of the Boys and Girls Club. Our mission is to provide a safe, positive place to be, and we will always be there for the kids that need us the most. We will find the funding to make that a reality. We are blessed to live in an amazing community where others share that same attitude and give to support kids in need. ”

Greg and Dom Ray 2014 BAKYear after year, that support comes through with the hard work and dedication of the Board of Directors and staff at the Club actively reaching out to community members.
Greg Ray, grandfather of Club member Dominic Ray, looks forward to the opportunity to write a check in support of the Campaign each year and also in reinforcing to his grandson that stewardship is a lifelong investment. Ray’s support each year sponsors an entire family at the Club.

“The Club is a nonprofit for kids yet the benefits are far reaching and make our community a better place to live,” said Ray. “Yes, I can give this year and I can do so again next year and the next, even when Dominic is no longer a member, because I can see that these kids can either be at the Club after school and in the summer or at home in front of the TV or worse. Dominic loves the Club and we have noticed that he is really great at mentoring with the younger kids. That’s a really neat thing to see in your grandson.”

Dominic, a sixth grader, looks forward to the opportunity to get his photo taken with his grandpa Ray each year for Back A Kid. “It’s fun… I can look back at the past year at all of the fun stuff I have done at the Club.”

Dominic loves that the after school program is fun and not like work at all. “The best part is playing with my friends and making new friends. When I grow up I am going to be a volunteer and then I will also give to the Club the way my grampa does. I want other kids to have the same kind of fun I have had.”
The Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown is feeling some growing pains. In 2013, the Club had over 15,000 visits by children. That’s an average of 80 kids per day with waiting lists for children in every age group.

“It’s a crossroads for us. Being an affordable place where families can turn for their child’s after school and summer programming has been something we have gladly been able to do for many years now with the support, hard work and dedication of past Directors, Staff, Board Members, families, members and our community. It will continue to grow in the same way. We really must make this our priority,” Franks said.
As a nonprofit, the Boys and Girls Club relies on some State and Federal Grants but is not subsidized by the government in any way. This means that fundraising is an intense year-long process. This year the Back A Kid Campaign must meet a $60,000 goal in order to supplement the funding of events and grants.

Resource Development Consultant LaVonne Limpus said, “We can’t raise the cost on these families; many just could not keep up with the costs if we did that and the kids would be the ones to lose out the most. We have to remember we live in a community where 60% of our high schoolers are on free or reduced rate lunches. Poverty in our community is a very real issue that we don’t seem to talk about but it cannot be the reason that kids are turned away from a safe place and a hot meal.”
The Club is so grateful to supporters like Greg Ray and Dominic Ray. They are just one example of many where a student and family member work hard to keep the programs at the Boys and Girls Club affordable and available to anyone who needs it.

Donate to the Campaign

Happenings 3/6/14

Iceskating pic

Laurie Fowler, Sports and Fitness Director
It has been soooo wet out that the kids are coming in with wet clothes. I have a hard time taking them outside here at the Club for this reason.  However we have found a lot of things to do inside that keep them busy. We are celebrating Dr.Suess Birthday on Thursday March 6th. All of the Directors are all working super hard on getting some funtastic rotations for the kiddos.  We had a lot of Cats in their Hats at the club on Thursday:)  “Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing”…Said beautifully by the DR. himself.

LaVonne Limpus, Resource Development
Planned gifts can be structured in a variety of ways to provide for loved ones by generating income for a spouse or other family members, or resources for your own retirement. Planned gifts also can offer significant tax savings by providing current charitable deductions, reducing government claims on your estate, or lowering or eliminating capital gains taxes. We recommend that donors consult with their own tax or legal advisors prior to making a planned gift. For more information please call 535-2257.

The BACK A KID CAMPAIGN pledge drive continues. Our goal is $60,000!

A message from the Director, Abby Franks
The Boys and Girls Club, along with many other entities of the community, are hosting an event for all community members on Saturday, March 15th from 1:00pm to 4:00pmat the Fergus High School. The event is called “Family Matters”. The event has breakout sessions that are for both kids and adults on topics varying from school success, budget management, safety and more.   Pre- registration is encouraged, but not required.  If you would like to pre-register or if you have questions, call Central MT Education Center at 535-9022.  The event is free and has tons and tons of prizes and incentives for attending.

A Note from Crystal Tyler, Executive Assistant
This week we had a guest speaker, Dr. Jill Bolstad come in and speak about her profession. We really appreciate her taking the time to help us learn more
Hoopfest-our annual three on three basketball tourney, is coming up on April 12th.  If you would like to get your 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade kids signed up we have registration packets at The Club. They are also available at Basin State Bank. Entry fee is $50.00 per team. Deadline to register is April 8th. Call us with questions: 535-2257.

The Club would like to thank the Lewistown Ice Skating Association, the anonymous donor who provided new ice skates for many of our kiddos to use, Chris Merker, Scott Kirsch, Diann DeRosier, David Maier, Tracy Manseau and Ted Murray for their coordination and help with the afternoons of ice skating. The kids had a blast and look forward to next year.

Parents: Coupon Card Sales incentive for the month is an awesome boom box! If your child would like to be in the drawing to win this prize they must sell at least 20 tickets by March 14th. These must be new sales and cannot include sales made before February 14th.

Social Recreation
Our Boys and Girls Club “Kids of the Month” for January were 2nd Grader Alyssa Cooler and 5th Grader Webb Zang. (We printed their pictures last week.)
Webb’s interests are reading, math, computers and science fiction movies. His food of choice is dumplings and to drink, apple juice. Webb’s favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is the Fox. Sir Isaac Newton is the person he is interested in and his favorite place to be is Guangzhou, China. Webb enjoys the Rec Room and the Subway Room here at the Club.

Alyssa likes the color pink and her choices of food is cake and to drink, Sprite. Christmas and summer are the things she looks forward to and she loves Art. Alyssa has two brothers and two puppies and she says she likes all four of them. Alyssa likes to play with friends, go to the park and swim in the summer.
Both Webb and Alyssa are very involved in all their activities here at the club and are more than welcomed by their friends and our staff. We all look forward to them being with us each day.

Teen and Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Henderson
Last week, the teens began talking about the dangers of using drugs. They took an anonymous survey that asked several thought provoking questions. Do you know someone that has used marijuana? 95 percent of them did. Do you feel drugged driving is as dangerous as drunk driving? They all answered yes. The truth is, all drugs effect motor skills, balance, coordination, perception, attention, reaction time and judgment, so the kids are correct in their answer. The last question on the survey was: what can you do to help your friends, peers and families say no to drugs? They almost all answered don’t do them myself. This is so true! Sometimes our greatest statement in life doesn’t come in terms of the words, but our actions and living by example.

The teens also continued their bowling series and participated in the “Crystal Pool Challenge”. The executive assistant in the building, Crystal Tyler, is being challenged by the entire club in her pool savvy.

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