Club Policies

* The Boys & Girls Club of Lewistown is an organization with the right to refuse a person without cause.

* The Club has an open-door policy. Staff does not give permission to leave, nor will staff insist that they stay. Arrivals and departure is a matter strictly between parent/guardian and the child unless other arrangements have been made with the staff.

* It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure that their child is physically and emotionally capable of properly functioning in the Club’s atmosphere prior to enrolling. The Club may refer service to more appropriate agencies.

* Any child still at the Club after closing will be dealt with as follows:
1. Contact parent or guardian for pick up. Understand a fine is associated with late pick up.
2. Contact emergency person for pick up.
3. Contact child protection services for pick up.
4. Contact Lewistown Police Department for pick up.

* In order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all Club members, the following is expected of each Club member:

* The Boys & Girls Club of Lewistown enforces the following 3 Codes of Conduct:
1. Respect for all persons and property.
2. Respect for all Club facilities and equipment.
3. Respect for all staff and volunteers as employees and program leaders.

* The following are strictly prohibited:
1. Cursing, racial remarks, any other verbal abuses including intimidation.
2. Fighting, any form of physical abuse, weapons or intoxicants.
3. Smoking, chewing, or any other use of tobacco.
4. Music or internet-site containing inappropriate or suggestive language.

* Infraction of any of the above, or any other action deemed inappropriate will result in the following procedures:
1. Discussion: A warning and description of the action and guidance to avoid reoccurrence.
2. Time Out: Seating for a specified time in a specified place.
3. Education Director Consultation: Time spent with the Education Director to discuss problems occurring and how it will be resolved. A phone call will be placed to parents to discuss the situation and further meetings could result if the problem persists.
4. Suspension: A time away from the Club to be administered in increments of 1 – 3 days, depending on the number of infractions in a 30-day period. Members can only return after the parent/guardian meets with the staff.
5. Expulsion: Removal from the Club for one week upon the first offense, two weeks for the second offense. In the event that a member is expelled for a third time, the member’s parent or guardian must meet with staff before the member will be allowed to be readmitted to the Club. Time is dependent on the offense.

* Immediate suspension or expulsion may occur where, in the judgment of staff, any individuals are at risk. Any time a child is removed from the Club, staff will notify a parent/guardian or responsible family member or emergency contact.

* Personal items: Please encourage your child to bring only necessities to the Boys & Girls Club for there is no locked storage available. Special accommodations for storage cannot be made. Personal items such as: cell phones, walkmans, video games, i-pods, MP3 players, or trading cards of any kind, etc. will not be allowed at the Boys & Girls Club. Should such items be brought to the Boys & Girls Club of Lewistown, we will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items at the Club or during field trips.

* Any clothing considered to be offensive or in poor taste (i.e. clothing that displays symbols, logos, or anything that promotes drugs, alcohol, violence, or racism) is not be worn at the Club or Club events. Members wearing clothing displaying such material will be asked to change or cover it.

  • Boys & Girls Club

    134 Park Street
    Lewistown, Montana

    Club Hours
    Monday - Friday
    School Year: 3:15-6:15 pm Summer: 7:40 am-5:30 pm

    Phone (406) 535-2257

  • Boys & Girls Club of Lewistown is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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