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Back A Kid Donation Provides Crucial Support

Each year, the Club reaches relies on the continued support of individuals who generously give toward the Back A Kid Campaign.

Back A Kid has two components – one is to support the general operating costs of the Club but the other is very specific in that it supports scholarships for those students who would otherwise not be able to attend because of their family’s inability to pay.

Abby Franks, Director at the Boys and Girls Club, holds true to the mission of the Club. “We do not make it our business to turn any child away because their family can’t pay. That is not the mission of the Boys and Girls Club. Our mission is to provide a safe, positive place to be, and we will always be there for the kids that need us the most. We will find the funding to make that a reality. We are blessed to live in an amazing community where others share that same attitude and give to support kids in need. ”

Greg and Dom Ray 2014 BAKYear after year, that support comes through with the hard work and dedication of the Board of Directors and staff at the Club actively reaching out to community members.
Greg Ray, grandfather of Club member Dominic Ray, looks forward to the opportunity to write a check in support of the Campaign each year and also in reinforcing to his grandson that stewardship is a lifelong investment. Ray’s support each year sponsors an entire family at the Club.

“The Club is a nonprofit for kids yet the benefits are far reaching and make our community a better place to live,” said Ray. “Yes, I can give this year and I can do so again next year and the next, even when Dominic is no longer a member, because I can see that these kids can either be at the Club after school and in the summer or at home in front of the TV or worse. Dominic loves the Club and we have noticed that he is really great at mentoring with the younger kids. That’s a really neat thing to see in your grandson.”

Dominic, a sixth grader, looks forward to the opportunity to get his photo taken with his grandpa Ray each year for Back A Kid. “It’s fun… I can look back at the past year at all of the fun stuff I have done at the Club.”

Dominic loves that the after school program is fun and not like work at all. “The best part is playing with my friends and making new friends. When I grow up I am going to be a volunteer and then I will also give to the Club the way my grampa does. I want other kids to have the same kind of fun I have had.”
The Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown is feeling some growing pains. In 2013, the Club had over 15,000 visits by children. That’s an average of 80 kids per day with waiting lists for children in every age group.

“It’s a crossroads for us. Being an affordable place where families can turn for their child’s after school and summer programming has been something we have gladly been able to do for many years now with the support, hard work and dedication of past Directors, Staff, Board Members, families, members and our community. It will continue to grow in the same way. We really must make this our priority,” Franks said.
As a nonprofit, the Boys and Girls Club relies on some State and Federal Grants but is not subsidized by the government in any way. This means that fundraising is an intense year-long process. This year the Back A Kid Campaign must meet a $60,000 goal in order to supplement the funding of events and grants.

Resource Development Consultant LaVonne Limpus said, “We can’t raise the cost on these families; many just could not keep up with the costs if we did that and the kids would be the ones to lose out the most. We have to remember we live in a community where 60% of our high schoolers are on free or reduced rate lunches. Poverty in our community is a very real issue that we don’t seem to talk about but it cannot be the reason that kids are turned away from a safe place and a hot meal.”
The Club is so grateful to supporters like Greg Ray and Dominic Ray. They are just one example of many where a student and family member work hard to keep the programs at the Boys and Girls Club affordable and available to anyone who needs it.

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Pennies for Boys & Girls

Decades of pinching pennies will now benefit the many children who attend the Lewistown Boys and Girls Club.

Daryll Lundgren recently donated 125 pounds of pennies to the local Club. He said the donation was the idea of the woman he was married to for 54 wonderful years – his late wife Mary who passed away on Aug. 3. (more…)

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