Board of Directors

The Boys & Girls Club operates under the guidance of a voluntary Board of Directors.


Current Board Members include:

President: Katie Spika
Vice President: Deanna Stevenson
Secretary: Kaitlyn Moodie
Treasurer: Megan Bartel
Montana Alliance Representative: Nancy Raths
Member: Dave Pillar
Member: Matt Ventresca
Member: Shawn Briggs
Member: Chelsea Solberg
Member: David Holecek
Member: Dan Ryhner
Member: Zach Routzan
Member: Nancy Puckett
Member: Dianne Scotten
Member: Jennifer Weeden
Member: Dorothy Gremaux
  • Boys & Girls Club

    134 Park Street
    Lewistown, Montana

    Club Hours
    Monday - Friday
    School Year: 3:15-6:15 pm Summer: 7:40 am-5:30 pm

    Phone (406) 535-2257

  • Boys & Girls Club of Lewistown is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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