30 Days of Beef

About 30 Days of Beef event

The 30 Days of Beef started in 2013 with a total of 13 Ranchers and Three Beef Processors. The origination of the event was to fund the purchase of a playground located at the Boys and Girls Club where kids could run, play and be healthy!  The playground was a huge addition for the organization – creating many smiles for these kids!

Over the years, due to the popularity and generosity by the agricultural community, the event has grown to ~60 donors as well as the partnership of two Title Sponsors: CHS Big Sky and Nicole Wines Livestock. After the purchase and building of the playground in 2013, the monies have since been designated to helping the Club’s annual operating budget that supports the care, programming and support to over 15,000 annual visits from youth! 
In 2017, when the Club was facing monetary cuts to the Club’s food program (that serves breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks throughout the year); the Club utilized the 30 Days of Beef event to overcome that obstacle.  We did that by doubling the number of tickets sold, seeking additional ranchers and ag businesses for additional support and partnered with Hubbard Feeds to showcase the $100 Club where people whom purchase $100 in earn the chance to earn extra prizes; including prime ribs and a quarter of beef!

The 30 Days of Beef event has been vital to the overall health of the Boys and Girls Club; helping us grow and serve these kids!  You whom purchase tickets and donate prizes are contributing to the Great Futures of these kids!  Thank you and congratulations!

A special thank you to our friend and supporter, Bill Steele, who has carried a heavy load of work in making the 30 Days of Beef event a success!  

2020 30 Days of Beef

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