Happenings 5/1/14

Happenings 5/1/14

Eadie and Carol ten year party

Congratulations to Eadie Schultz, Social Recreation Director and Carol Holt, past employee and volunteer extraordinaire, in the celebration of ten years of service to the Boys and Girls Club. We had an Italian style potluck and gave them gifts. We can never repay them for the impact they both have made on the Club and our community. We LOVE YOU EADIE AND CAROL! Thanks for taking such good care of all of us.

From the Classroom of Laurie Fowler, Sports and Fitness Director:

For Arbor Day the first graders wrote poems about trees Dashel Ruff wrote:
Carits have levs so do trees
trees are the home of the
honey bees.

I just love how kids write. Barbara and I attended the Health Fair and had a great time talking to people about the club.  We have a full week of outside play and enjoying the outdoors this coming up week and we hope that the sun can shine and dry up so we can be outside.

From Kelly Henderson, Teen Coordinator:

Teen night Saturday was a great success–we had 23 youth attend! I didn’t know several of them, but they all seemed to have a blast. We played a wicked and exciting game of capture the flag with Nerf guns in the dark. They had flashlights, glow masks and glow sticks. They played Nerf wars for the entire 3 hours, so we actually never had a chance to do any other activities, but they got a lot of exercise.

FAQ of the Executive Director, Abby Franks:

Why does the BG Club fund raise so much?

In the past 6 years, the Club has lost approximately $119,000 from two grants and without doing the work we do in raising funds, it would result in cutting programs and thus cutting kids from attending the Boys and Girls Club program. The Club is working to build sustainable dollars through its permanent endowment and to streamline community fundraising events, though until a proper endowment can be built, we are faced with the big job of working hard to fund raise money from the community.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the Club’s annual budget, estate giving or taking a tour of the building; feel free to call the Club at 535-2257.

From the Art Room with Jacqueline Mercenier:

Following up Earth Day week, we are exploring the art and message of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter (1928 – 2000). Thus “nature” and “organic” play an important role in his art and in what we are trying to accomplish. Through a lot of curved lines (not many straight lines in Nature!) and vivid colors, the idea is to create a relatively abstract landscape. Meaning, we are thinking about a make-believe place we might want to live in, which is also a fantasy. What colors, lines, shapes would be in this place? Using dark water-repellent crayons for the lines and watercolor for the bright colored shapes, we are responding to Hundertwasser landscapes by finding meaning and inspiration, rather than creating in-the-style- paintings.

The cereal cardboard “houses” are coming to an end, with kids one by one taking them home. Sometimes the “houses” will be finished at home with extra care and details and maybe the help of a grandparent, (I hear); other times it’s hard to decide what child gets to carry the “house” home, if it was a 2-4 children’s project…(We have had to draw “straws”…followed by an immediate desire to create another “house”, “together, so the other child can take this one home”…

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