Happenings: 1/27/14

Happenings: 1/27/14

In the Art room, our main project is “Painting One of our Dreams.” It can be a “night” dream or a “day” dream. Use of watercolors in the primary and secondary colors only, mixing with care, to make our dreams bright!

Other projects this week include drawing or sculpting a Bald Eagle and other winter animals/birds. Playdough, coloring printed mndalas, building with wooden slats, free drawing, are some other creative possibilities as well, from which the kids can always choose.

The kids are enjoying two afternoons a week at our awesome ice skating rink. Our amazing
friends, the Lewistown Ice Skating Rink Association, have been helping us locate enough skates so that there are several sizes available and the kids can continue to use those over and over. They also provide volunteers to assist while the kids have fun on the ice. Some of the kids bring their hockey gear and are really playing hard and having a blast.

The teen group has been going door to door to sell the coupon card. If you were not at home, they would have left information for you to order from the Club if you would like the amazing savings it offers.

The Pinewood Derby was a great success, this past weekend, at the Montana Winter Fair. Many kids came out to enjoy the track and some great prizes were offered. Thanks again to HCR for the really cool trophies and to A Few of My Favorite Things for sponsoring the event.

Our Facebook page remains a great way to find out what is happening at the Club. A great resource for parents to ask questions and get answers as well.

Some of our week-long activities:

The first graders are meeting to discuss “Real Heroes” and what they do for us and how we can strive to be heroes in our community. This is a part of a 4 week-long series on heroes and community activism. Each class will be designing a “Hero” logo for a new t-shirt.

The second graders are really getting into Scrabble, a fun game that helps with reading and letter skills. The kinders will also be playing scrabble this week.

The third graders work on a science, technology, engineering and math project every Wednesday. This Wednesday we began research on how to grow seeds in sponges. We are also interested in how to use recycled items to grow seeds. We are also doing experiments with baking soda.

In February:

On February 5th, the Boys and Girls Club will host Klaire Kramer, a speaker who recently traveled to Austria and France as part of the International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) program. Klaire graduated from Beaverhead County High School in 2011 and attended Montana State University where she majored in graphic design. Klaire was a nine-year member of the Sagebrush and Snowdrifts 4-H Club in Beaverhead County. Klaire plans to return to college in the fall to pursue an art degree.

The Club is excited to welcome Klaire and learn about her international experience staying with host families in Austria and France.

• February 3rd, 5:30 – Mandatory Parent meeting, 6:30 – Summer Safari signups, 7:00 – Mandatory Parent meeting
• Summer Safari – our summer program – is a first come, first served sign up and parents
must attend the mandatory parent meeting before they can sign up for the summer program. Multiple meeting times offered- CHOOSE ONE.
• February 4th, 5:30 – Mandatory Parent meeting
• February 5th, 7:00 – Mandatory Parent meeting
• February 13th, 5:30 – Mandatory Parent meeting

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